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      Valencia, Spain

      Energy Observer was in Valencia, Spain, from the 31st of August until the 5th of September, its 31st official stopover.

      Coming from: Balearic Islands, Spain

      Time of arrival: 7:00 AM

      Energy Observer arrives in Valencia

      The vessel was accompanied by its free interactive exhibition which explains the project genesis.

      • Victorien points to the image of a screen in front of several visitors to the exhibition
      • Several people are in the Energy Observer exhibition and look at the content
      • The Energy Observer exhibition in the evening

      Special guests

      The crew also gave a guided tour of the vessel to Cristina Gallach, the Spanish Commissioner for Sustainable Development, accompanied by Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, her French counterpart.

      Three people are looking at a screen in the boat

      The Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, also came aboard Energy Observer to discover its integrated technologies.

      Two men chatting on the boat

      The boat left on the evening of the 5th of September and will reach the city of Tangier, Morocco, on the 10th of September.


      The Turtle Clinic

      This is part of Energy Observer Solutions, the platform for pioneers committed to transforming the world. To learn more, please visit our dedicated website.

      Discover Energy Observer Solutions

      Welcome to Valencia and the largest aquarium in Europe, which is home to the Fondation Oceanográfic. Four researchers have set up a clinic there to rescue turtles caught up in fishing nets.

      Host parnters

      • Logo Ajuntament de Valencia
      • Logo La Marina de Valencia