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      Tromsø, Norway

      After sailing in extreme conditions to reach Spitsbergen, the return to the Norwegian coast was done in a calm and good mood for the whole crew.

      Coming from: Spitsbergen, Norway

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      View of Energy Observer at sea from far away

      Meeting with Olivier Pitras, professional skipper

      During this stopover, the Energy Observer’s crew welcomed the first French skipper to have crossed the Arctic Ocean, Olivier Pitras. As a resident of Svalbard for 15 years, he was able to share his observations on the meteorological changes in the region.

      “When I arrived in Svalbard, even in summer it happened that we couldn’t reach the southern coast of Spitsbergen because the passage was blocked by ice. Today, this passage is open in the middle of winter, and it has even become common to have positive temperatures during this period!”

      Olivier Pitras, professional skipper
      Jean-Baptiste Sanchez, second in command, and Olivier Pitras, skipper, on Energy Observer

      After a visit to the vessel and the discovery of onboard technologies, he has also shared with us his impression of the first hydrogen ship around the world.

      “What I love most about this project is the experimentation process, asking the right questions and testing them in the field. The technique is there, but the most important thing is the philosophy behind it, the 360º opening.”

      Olivier Pitras, professional skipper
      Olivier Pitras, skipper, in the main living area of Energy Observer

      Leaving from Tromsø

      The Bear Island, halfway between Tromsø and the Spitsbergen

      Embark with our captain Victorien Erussard for a sailing with Energy Observer along Bear Island. This Norwegian island, as sublime as it is impressive with 400-metre-high cliffs, is home to more than 170 species of migratory birds!