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      Pattaya, Thailand

      Our navigation in Southeast Asia continues with Thailand and Pattaya as the 71st stopover of our Odyssey!

      Coming from: Singapore, Singapore

      Weather conditions: Cloudy

      Time of arrival: 5:30 AM

      Travelled distance: 755 nautical miles

      Hydrogen storage level:
      Arrival in Pattaya, Thailand

      It was in the early morning that our vessel dropped anchor off Pattaya for a few days of call in the port of Ocean Marina, south of the city. The sailing from Singapore went smoothly, with a rather weak wind and a head current (all the details are in our energy balance).

      • Arrival Pattaya, Thailand
      • Arrival Pattaya, Thailand
      • Arrival Pattaya, Thailand

      After a major stopover in Singapore, which brought together our vessel and our educational exhibition village, this stopover in Pattaya will certainly be quieter but will nevertheless be punctuated by numerous visits from our partners and a delegation from the French embassy.

      A vessel that makes waves

      Mr. Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France in Thailand, made us the pleasure of his visit in the company of consular personalities and local actors such as Professor Bundit Fungtammasan, honorary president of the King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, as well as representatives of the Thai Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Energy. It was an opportunity to discover our embedded technologies and our energy mix, and to understand how these systems can contribute to the eco-energy transition.

      • Mr. Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France in Thailand aboard Energy Observer
      • Mr. Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France aboard Energy Observer
      • Mr. Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France, and French delegation aboard Energy Observer

      Many schools were also able to come aboard the vessel, sit in the captain's seat and ask all their questions to the crew to better understand how our laboratory vessel works, as part of the missions carried out by Energy Observer Foundation.

      French International School of Singapore aboard Energy Observer

      A night sail to Hua Hin

      After a few days in Pattaya, it is in the middle of the night and under the storm that our vessel hoisted its Ocean Wings to cross the Gulf of Thailand, in the direction of Hua Hin.

      Instagram media post

      👉🏻 The #crew continues its navigation in the Gulf of #Thailand to reach Hua Hin!

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      As is often the case at sea, reality defied the weather forecasts: with little wind, our vessel made an average of 6 knots, reaching its destination faster than expected.

      • Navigation to Pattaya
      • Navigation to Pattaya
      • Navigation to Pattaya, Thailand

      A journalist from the AFP gave us the pleasure of his company, without the seasickness and camera screwed to the shoulder, despite the swell. The result: a report of several minutes taken by many international media. To be continued: the navigation in the narrow river at the entrance of the Marina of Hua Hin.

      Our host partners

      • Ocean Marina Pattaya, Thailand