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      Marseille, France

      Energy Observer was in Marseille, from December 2nd to December 10th, for its eleventh stopover in its Odyssey for the Future.

      Coming from: La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      Energy Observer sails along the city of Marseille

      Next to the Mucem, the Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean, Energy Observer dropped the anchor and set up its interactive village, featuring virtual reality, movies and meeting the entire crew.

      • The village of Energy Observer with a sunset and passers-by
      • Energy Observer moored with the Old Port of Marseille in the background
      • Energy Observer moored at night in front of the Mucem

      Our stopover in the south unfolded under the sun and a bit of wind – Mistral- and our village held on tight, while the vessel recharged its batteries next to the Mucem.

      During our stay, we welcomed Renaud Muselier, pre of the PACA Region, along with numerous visitors from Marseille and its surroundings, and even from Spain and Italy!

      We also went into the Parc National des Calanques to meet with Seaboost Artificial Reefs, a start-up installing innovative designs, thanks to biomimicry, of artificial reefs, allowing the return of fauna and flora to deserted ecosystems. Stay tuned to get more information and a video on this innovation on our website.


      CasCioMar, the mother of all fish

      This is part of Energy Observer Solutions, the platform for pioneers committed to transforming the world. To learn more, please visit our dedicated website.

      Discover Energy Observer Solutions

      Rearing juvenile fish, in complete safety, before releasing them into the sea. Such is the solution put forward by Casciomar in a bid to replenish the lost biodiversity in a Mediterranean threatened by pollution and overfishing.