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      Long Beach, CA, United States

      Good morning Long Beach ! After 27 days of sailing from the Galapagos Islands and 3,000 nautical miles of energy autonomy, our ship has dropped anchor in the Rainbow Harbor Marina near the port of Long Beach for its first American stopover!

      A highly symbolic arrival for Earth Day and the Leaders Summit on Climate in the US.

      This stopover represents an incredible opportunity to share our project and discover the innovations carried by the Californian state, which is investing massively in sustainable energy solutions and hydrogen.

      Coming from: Puerto Villamil, Galápagos

      Weather conditions: Cloudy

      Time of arrival: 5:00 PM

      Hydrogen storage level:

      A long-awaited stopover

      Our crew was welcomed in Long Beach by Julie Duhaut-Bedos, Consul General of France in Los Angeles and the California Fuel Cell Partnership, before mooring the catamaran at Pine Avenue Pier for a few days.

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      🇺🇸 EXPLORE | ⛵ Long Beach Conference on zero emission transportation solutions. 🚍

      The port of Long Beach represents 40% of the goods importation for the US, and it today moving forwards clean energy solutions. Before leaving Long Beach, we were kindly invited by @altasea & @driveh2 to discuss about the future of transportation by using hydrogen.


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      Long Beach, a harbor in transition

      Long Beach harbor is the the second largest port in the US with over 15 000 trucks driving everyday. This used to be one of the a greatest source of air pollution in Los Angeles too! But in 2006, the harbor has taken several bold actions to become zero-emission by 2035. Discover how in our logbook with Katia Nicolet, onboard scientist.

      San Francisco, here we come!

      Our vessel and crew are now heading to San Francisco, along the California coast with the Golden Gate in sight.

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      🇺🇸 ON BOARD | Heading to Morro Bay ⛵

      Due to unexpected windy weather while sailing to San Francisco, our crew took shelter in Morro Bay. The crossing from Long Beach implies passing by the #PointConception, a tricky passage well known by sailors. Here is a look back at the stormy navigation in our last logbook!

      📷 Cavan Adley / Mélanie De Groot @melaniedgve

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      Difficult weather conditions with more than 40 knots of wind and 4 meter waves led our captain to take shelter for a few days in Morro Bay, a small Californian fishing harbor where Californian otters cohabit with the inhabitants. Unexpected but pleasant meetings while waiting for a more clement weather!