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      Langkawi, Malaysia

      Energy Observer concludes its tour in South-East Asia in Malaysia, 74th stopover of its Odyssey around the world.

      Coming from: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 11:00 AM

      Travelled distance: 1291 MN

      Energy Observer in Langkawi, Malaysia

      First stop in Tioman

      Before reaching Kuah, located in the South East of the island of Langkawi, our catamaran first dropped anchor in the natural reserve of Tioman island on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

      Energy Observer in Tioman, Malaysia

      This brief stopover enabled us to work on some of our unfunctional solar panels, and prepare the vessel before its annual shipyard.

      A busy technical stopover

      Our Malaysian stopover has mainly been rhythmed by an intense shipyard conducted on the island of Langkawi. Our crew has been mobilized for over a month to work on the vessel's careening, painting, the oceanwings, the fuel cell, the shaft lines, the replacement of some solar panels... That is only an extract of the long list of work done since the end of the summer. A real challenge in so little time!

      What exactly is a technical stopover? Our captain explains!

      Instagram media post

      ⚓️ The technical stopover of our laboratory vessel Energy Observer in Langkawi is finally over!
      🧐 But what is a technical stopover?
      👉 Answer in pictures with our captain, Marin Jarry!

      🎥: @agathe_roullin

      #energyobserver #exploringpositiveenergies

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      A successful return to water

      After a month of work in dry dock, Energy Observer is finally back at sea thanks to our crew of sailors and engineers who overcame the many challenges of this shipyard.

      Energy Observer's return to water in Malaysia

      Our laboratory vessel is finally ready for the long navigations that await her, starting with India in the upcoming days, followed by Cape Town in 2023 for a major stopover in South Africa.

      An opportunity to explore positive energies

      The NGO Sustainable Ocean Alliance on board Energy Observer in Malaysia

      Energy Observer’s stopover in Malaysia is an opportunity to explore the solutions that will enable the rise of a more sustainable maritime transport, to welcome on board students from local schools, and to support the various players in their efforts towards an ecological transition to preserve our ecosystems both on land and at sea.

      The NGO Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), a scientific and educational partner of Energy Observer Foundation, has been collaborating with the crew through its Malaysian hub and the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), which offers a number of programmes dedicated to marine biodiversity and the oceans. SOA is a global community of young people, entrepreneurs, and experts in their field, collaborating to solve the greatest challenges facing our oceans, and it was a great pleasure to welcome some of their people on board!