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      L’Ilet Gosier, Guadeloupe

      After a few weeks in Martinique, our crew began by carrying out a test of all the on-board systems before setting sail again for Guadeloupe.

      Coming from: La Baie du Marin, Martinique

      Weather conditions: Rain

      Time of arrival: 6:00 AM

      Hydrogen storage level:

      Arrival in Guadeloupe

      • Julien Bonnard, our systems engineer
      • Jean-Baptiste Sanchez, our second captain
      • Underwater maintenance of our propellers
      • Compressor maintenance

      The challenge of energy autonomy

      The dependence to fossil fuels, the transition to renewable energy and protecting the biodiversity are high stakes for a lot of island ecosystems. Fortunately, solutions are emerging and our crew intends to meet those who get things moving!

      Katia Nicolet, embarked scientist, explains further.

      The last guardian of the lighthouse

      Jocelyn Lamaille is the son of the last guardian of Gosier Island's lighthouse, one of the islands of Guadeloupe archipelago. Since his childhood, he has seen nature evolve, some species appear while others vanished, sometimes with nice surprises too! During lockdown, some plants started to grow again on beaches.

      • Jocelyn, son of the last watcher of the lighthouse
      • The lighthouse of the Ilet Gosier
      • The Ilet Gosier