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      Bari, Italy

      From 19th to 23rd of July, Energy Observer halted in Bari, capital of the Puglia region, for the 26th stopover in its Mediterranean tour.

      Coming from: Venice, Italy

      Time of arrival: 11:30 AM

      Energy Observer runs along the city of Bari

      Energy Observer was received on the evening of the 19th by Mr. Stefano Mario Romanazzi, French Consul. The vessel harbored at the University Sports Center in the city of Bari, capital of the Puglia region. It was an opportunity to relieve the crew and prepare the vessel for the second half of its Mediterranean tour.

      The crew enjoyed a very warm welcome during its stopover and met many Barese, particularly on Saturday night during an event organized by Professor Nicola Connenna, a specialist in hydrogen. On this occasion, our chief officer, Marin Jarry, introduced the vessel and its odyssey to a multitude of curious visitors.

      Picture of Marin and Bari's Mayor

      The film crew took advantage of the halt to film another video for the “SOLUTIONS” web series. In the mountainous northern part of Puglia, a project to generate hydrogen from shortfalls in electrical power produced by wind turbines is currently under way.

      Messine is the next stopover, after a 4-day journey to circumnavigate the mythical boot.