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      Tiger Beach, Bahamas

      A few days after our arrival in the Bahamas, the crew was given permission to anchor, and can move and film freely. The Q flag is hoisted, which means we can continue on our way to Tiger Beach, a unique shark watching site in the world.

      Coming from: Guadeloupe

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 7:00 AM

      Hydrogen storage level:
      A woman is filming a shark underwater while swimming

      Sharks all around Energy Observer

      After receiving permission to sail in the Bahamas, the crew continued north towards Tiger Beach, a unique shark watching site in the world. A great lesson in humility in the face of these emblematic species, necessary for the safeguard of the oceans, also known as the "kings of energy saving"!

      It was a first for our Victorien Captain Erussard and most of the crew members! With a school of about thirty sharks in crystal clear waters, our crew lived an incredible experience meticulously prepared by our expedition leader Jérôme Delafosse. If the observation of these emblematic species aroused a little apprehension, it was with a sense of wonder and humility that everyone came to the surface!

      Dive return

      Filming sharks requires careful preparation and leaves no room for the unexpected. A unique experience told by Fitzgerald Jégo, our film director.

      Instagram media post

      🇬🇧🦈 "Underwater world is not mine. But it's too late, I cannot go back". Victorien Erussard, captain and founder of Energy Observer.

      🇫🇷🦈 "Ce n'est pas mon monde, le sous-marin. Mais c'est trop tard, je ne peux plus revenir en arrière". Victorien Erussard, capitaine et fondateur d'Energy Observer.

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      The champions of energy saving

      Sharks' bodies are covered with teeth (not to be confused with scales!) that are not smooth and have grooves along their entire length that make shark skin soft to the touch in one direction, and extremely rough in the opposite direction! A specificity that gives sharks an unparalleled hydrodynamics, and allows them to optimize their energy during their travels.

      A close up on shark's head and his eyes