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      Amsterdam, Netherlands

      The Netherlands has strong ambitions in terms of combating climate change, seeking to reduce its CO2 emissions by almost half by 2030. Innovation must play a crucial role in achieving this objective.

      Coming from: Antwerp, Belgium

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      Energy Observer arrives in Amsterdam

      Energy Observer has been welcomed on the 5th of April by Philippe Lalliot, Ambassador of France to the Netherlands, and representatives of the City and Port of Amsterdam. 

On the 12th of April, the High Level Experts Meeting for Hydrogen Mobility will also be held at the Port of Amsterdam’s headquarters, opposite the Eye Museum (a film museum designed by the Viennese architectural firm Delugan-Meissl) and Centraal Station.

      A new embarked technology

      This stopover will also be a very important time for Energy Observer engineers, with the installation in mid-April of a real technological breakthrough in wind propulsion: two Oceanwings® wings, rotating, mounted and 100% automated, which will increase the ship’s overall energy efficiency. A system never before tested on the scale of such a large boat, and which could well revolutionize the maritime transport of the future.

 Finally, this stopover will also be an important step for Energy Observer’s media teams, who will meet exemplary and innovative initiatives in recycling, sustainable buildings and future agriculture and highlight the stated ambition of a region that has set itself the goal of 100% emission-free electricity by 2050.

      • Jérôme, Victorien and Marin supervising the Oceanwings integration
      • Men working on the Oceanwings integration in Amsterdam
      • Marin during the Oceanwings integration in Amsterdam
      • Energy Observer arriving in Amsterdam

      Strike for climate

      Instagram media post

      Sailing on board of Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel around the world with Anuna Dewever and Julie Schummer leaders of Youth for Climate. Some say they are naive, it is naive to believe that we can keep on living this way.

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      Makers Unite – Helping Refugees Find Work

      This is part of Energy Observer Solutions, the platform for pioneers committed to transforming the world. To learn more, please visit our dedicated website.

      Discover Energy Observer Solutions

      An initiative born from the refugee crisis

      In Holland, the number of refugees has increased by 25% in 4 years. Makers Unite is the social enterprise behind a professional support programme involving refugees and Dutch creatives aimed at helping migrants find work.

      Host partners

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