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Preparing the Mediterranean for renewable energy

The Mediterranean is undergoing a significant delay regarding the production of renewable energy. A delay which could be considered as an advantage, since it allows different stakeholders to benefit from feedback and to study different exploitable, natural energy sources to build a coherent and profitable project in this unique environment.

Membre du Maestrale Project Italy

Since 2016, a team of academics, engineers, and professionals from eight countries in the basin region have been working hand-in-hand to find the ideal blue equation.

It is important for blue energy to not repeat the same mistakes other energy sources made in the past,” suggests Simone Basitanoni, professor of environmental chemistry and coordinator of the Maestrale project. “We must evaluate all aspects of the sustainable development of these technologies before we implement them.

With 46,000 km of coastline and a surface of 2.51 million sq. km, the Mediterranean is a promising zone for renewable energy. By studying various technologies, the Maestrale team hopes to provide the decision makers from various Mediterranean countries with essential information so they can develop blue energy without damaging an ecosystem already severely impacted by mankind.

The Energy Observer team will soon set off to discover one of the potential solutions. A project which wants to turns our dykes and jetties into energy converters with the aim of providing future ports with clean energy.

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