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The Innovations

A warm welcome to the Energy Observer laboratory, where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all.

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Our latest news

    1. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      The CEA-Liten fuel cell

      The Energy Observer Fuel Cell

      The fuel cell is the centrepiece of the hydrogen chain. It converts the hydrogen into electricity by reversing the electrolysis process. The system on Energy Observer was tailor-made by CEA-Liten engineers and provides 20 kW of pure electric power.
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    2. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Photo of drone taking water from the boat in the middle of the water

      Energy Observer is assessing its hydrogen system

      The experimental catamaran has clocked up 16 months of full-on sailing. Roland Reynaud, engineer on board, and Didier Bouix, engineer at the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA-Liten) carried out a full check of Energy Observer’s on-board hydrogen chain. And all’s well!
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    3. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer 3D image with Oceanwings®

      Energy Observer tests a new wind turbine thruster

      Although it’s an inexhaustible resource at sea, wind is still difficult to exploit for large scale maritime transport. In its role as an experimental vessel, Energy Observer has set its mission to test all of the available and promising solutions.
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    4. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer from the front in navigation

      The wind, a challenge for maritime transport

      Wind may be an infinite resource at sea, but its exploitation remains a challenge for large-scale maritime transport. During the first campaigns around France and in the Mediterranean sea, the Energy Observer tested two vertical-axis wind turbines for producing energy, and a traction kite to reduce energy consumption.
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    5. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      View of the Energy Observer solar surface

      Solar energy, the crew’s number one ally

      Solar energy is the primary source of energy production aboard the Energy Observer. The team enjoyed optimal sunshine whilst navigating in the Mediterranean where they fully exploited the potential of the photovoltaic panels covering the hulls, nacelle and wings of the craft.
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    6. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer is lifted by a crane out of the water

      Three months of optimization work for Energy Observer

      Energy Observer has just come out of the water for a three-month technical pause. Three months of work during which the hydrogen powered catamaran will undergo optimizations and transformations before taking up its world tour again next spring.
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    7. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer sails with the city of Saint-Malo in the background

      Energy Observer begins its third shipyard

      Energy Observer is of course a marine vessel and a media platform, but above all it’s a floating laboratory. The crew has tasked itself to test, over six years and in extreme conditions, an innovative energy architecture, heralding tomorrow’s energy systems.
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    8. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Nigel Irens sits on the front link arm of the boat.

      Nigel Irens: It's a pleasure to see the new life of the boat

      Francis Joyon, Ellen MacArthur and before them, Mike Birch, winner of the first Route du Rhum and Sir Peter Black, Enza, have put their trust in Nigel Irens to design their record-chasing engines. Energy Observer came off the naval architect’s drawing board in 1983 under the name of Formule TAG.
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    9. Balearic Islands, SP The Innovations
      Picture of Energy Observer in Menorca

      Saint-Tropez – Balearic Islands: fast and low cost sailing

      Energy Observer’s Late Morning Departure on Thursday, August 16 from Saint-Tropez and arrival this Saturday, August 18 in Menorca, in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Sailing worth 250 nautical miles (460 kilometers) where a pressure drop assisted the demonstrator ship during the crossing.
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    10. Italy The Innovations
      Energy Observer on the sea

      Already 8000 nautical miles of navigation with our demonstrator

      Launched in April 2017, Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel around the world, reached the Mediterranean part of its Odyssey toward the Future in Marseille last March. Now, at its halfway point, captain and founder Victorien Erussard has conducted the first technical and technological assessment.
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    11. Golfe de la Revellata, FR The Innovations
      Picture of Energy Observer in Corsica

      The energetic roadmap of the journey Marseille - Corsica

      Having left Marseille on Wednesday 28th of March at 7 pm, Energy Observer arrived in Corsica on Friday 30th of March at 8 am, in the Revellata Gulf. After sailing essentially along coastal lines during the Tour of France, sailing the open seas was a first for the crew, with good weather conditions.
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    12. La Seyne-sur-Mer, FR The Innovations
      Picture : Energy Observer on the sea

      Energy Observer’s winter technical stopover

      After several months touring France, and an historical conveyance around Spain and Portugal, Energy Observer is back to the shipyard for a few weeks, in la Seyne-sur-Mer.
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