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Through expeditions and innovations, Energy Observer is exploring practical solutions whilst developing new technologies to accelerate ecological transition

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World Maritime Day: for more sustainable shipping

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Fort-de-France, FR 14°36'12.5"N 61°03'35.1"W The Odyssey

Fort-de-France, Martinique

More than 7,000 nautical miles were covered by Energy Observer during this Odyssey in the Caribbean! A new team is now heading for Fort-de-France for a technical stopover lasting several weeks; a break is beginning during which our ship will remain alongside the dock for a while so that our engineers can make improvements to certain onboard technologies. As of next week, less live content, but more unpublished content: crew portraits, human (and marine) encounters, innovations, and much more!

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Nassau, BS 25°04'44.7"N 77°20'04.4"W The Odyssey

Nassau, Bahamas

Back ashore for our crew that landed in Nassau, Bahamas. After two months at sea and an experience as close as possible to nature, the concrete of the city will replace the mangroves, the gulfweed and the incredible biodiversity that accompanied them throughout this very special chapter of our odyssey. A new crew will soon bring our ship back to Fort-de-France for a technical stopover.

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Tiger Beach, BS 27°01'41.4 N 79°09'37.7 W The Odyssey
A woman is filming a shark underwater while swimming

Tiger Beach, Bahamas

A few days after our arrival in the Bahamas, the crew was given permission to anchor, and can move and film freely. The Q flag is hoisted, which means we can continue on our way to Tiger Beach, a unique shark watching site in the world.

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Guf of Gonâve, HT 18°36'51.0'N 73°50'26.3'W The Odyssey

Gulf of Gonâve, Haiti

In the Gulf of Gonâve, off the coast of Haiti, the effects of climate change are multiple. In this fishing village on a sandbank, violent hurricanes regularly sweep away makeshift houses, endangering people already weakened by a difficult situation. Striking images captured by our crew.

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Guadeloupe, FR 16°10'08.0"N 61°46'53.0"W The Odyssey
Two men diving

Cousteau Reserve, Guadeloupe

The crew discovers Cousteau in a somewhat "stony" way, but still clinging to his cap. A dive like a nod to Calypso's odysseys.

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