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CHEREAU Logo in colors

For CHEREAU, the partnership with Energy Observer is concrete and meaningful, as CHEREAU launches the industrialisation and commercialisation of hydrogen-powered refrigerated vehicles.

By 2022, CHEREAU ambitions to deliver the first ten vehicles and within 10 years the company is aiming to get 25% of its production to hydrogen-powered vehicles.

CHEREAU is a member of AFHYPAC, of Hydrogen Europe, and participates in various projects to set up the sector, and, is committed to promoting the hydrogen industry by supporting projects such as hydrogen filling stations in France.

Recently, the CHEREAU H2Coldchain project has been launched and aims at transforming the largely diesel-based cold supply chain into a fully decarbonated chain using green hydrogen.

A refrigerated semi-trailer with the DELANCHY logo, parked in front of the CHEREAU establishments.

“We are already engaged in the energy transition, but this is not enough. We still need to accelerate and federate, because if we want the world to change, more of us need to get involved. In mid-April, in response to the call for expressions of interest issued by the French government, we proposed a hydrogen cold chain logistics project called H2Coldchain. This project has received many letters of support. So, I am also launching an appeal: manufacturers, temperature-controlled transporters, distributors, join us! Let's totally decarbonize our industry by 2030, it's possible, the technologies are ready.”

Damien Destremau, President of THE REEFER GROUP

To learn more about CHEREAU H2ColdChain, click here