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      Tilos, Greece

      Energy Observer made its 18th official stopover on its Mediterranean tour at the Island of Tilos in Greece from 9th to 11st of June.

      Coming from: Limassol, Cyprus

      Time of arrival: 6:00 AM

      Energy Observer in Tilos Bay with the city in the background

      The vessel arrived in Greece on 6th of June and had a two-day stop in the city of Rhodes to store the maximum energy and prepare for a few days of sailing in the Greek archipelagos. Next, Energy Observer visited the island of Tilos.

      Tilos, the small pioneering Greek island

      The island is a stronghold of the avant-garde and political risk-takers. Since 2017, this island of only 65 square kilometers is the first island in the Mediterranean sea to produce almost all of its electricity from renewable energy. Today, the challenge involves extending the production of green energy to the entire island and for all the island inhabitants in 2019.

      The municipality is currently testing the batteries installed in September 2017. If the tests are successful, the batteries will be operational by spring. The island is also trying to transform its automobile and maritime fleets to all-electric operation, powered by the green energy generated on site. This transformation has notably been made possible thanks to Tasos Aliferis, former visionary mayor of the island, who initiated the project more than 10 years ago. He also put in place some innovative social policies, such as a policy of welcoming and integrating refugees.

      In fact, since the beginning of the migratory crisis,7,500 persons have passed through this island and some of them have been welcomed in the homes of the island inhabitants. To date, five families have permanently settled there and work hand in hand with the population of Tilos. They are perfectly integrated into the local community.

      The team went to meet them to record their impressions, after visiting the center for reception and activities for the Syrian refugees on the island. The center now has a new project to integrate newcomers: the creation of an organic cheese plant where local people and Syrian refugees will work together.