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      Lifou, New Caledonia

      Lifou is the last stop of our journey in New Caledonia. This island is trying to free itself from its dependence on fossil fuels by developing a renewable energy mix. A model that could interest other islands in the Pacific.

      Coming from: Isle of Pins, New Caledonia

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 2:00 PM

      Hydrogen storage level:

      The first autonomous island in the Pacific

      Lifou, like many other Pacific islands, is suffering the full impact of climate change. This fact has accelerated the island's energy transition to reduce its emissions and increase its autonomy. If in 2017 the island was still 90% dependent on imported fossil fuels to produce its electricity, today this dependence is reduced by half and 50% of the electricity is produced from renewable sources.

      Half of this target has already been reached thanks to the inhabitants and communities, who play an important role in this transition.


      An educational mission

      Our crew was able to welcome on board many students from the island, very interested in the technologies on board our ship, which offered a concrete example of all the potential of renewable energy for solutions at sea but also on land.


      Departure is coming soon

      This stopover of a few days concludes with the return of our vessel to Grande-Terre, where the last preparations are awaiting us for the continuation of our Odyssey in the Pacific. Soon we will be heading towards the northwest and southeast Asia!