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      Îlet Fajou, Guadeloupe

      We are preparing to explore these open ocean forests, which protect humans from natural disasters, hurricanes and tsunamis, and are an incredible refuge for biodiversity.

      Coming from: Fort-de-France, Martinique

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 7:00 AM

      Filming in the mangrove

      Discover the backstage of our filming in the mangrove, a whole day of observation and capture on moving ground, feet in the water and mud to study this magnificent island of biodiversity, where hundreds of frigate birds, egrets and other species nest.

      Mangroves have several ecosystem roles that are very important for humans as well as for other living ecosystems (coral reefs, pelagic species and terrestrial ecosystems), such as protecting coastlines from erosion and waves and filtering sediments and pollutants.

      The Sec Pâté, sea sponges and bio-inspiration

      Underwater exploration with Katia Nicolet, our marine biologist specializing in corals, to discover... sea sponges. When man needs temperatures between 1 300 and 1 500 °C to produce glass, sponges are able to synthesize calcium carbonate or silicon dioxide at room temperature! Most sponges synthesize calcium carbonate especially in shallow reef waters, while glass sponges, which are more fragile, tend to live in deeper waters where predators are rarer. In both cases, the biosynthesis of calcium carbonate or glass at room temperature is exceptional! A beautiful lesson in humility that reminds us how much the living is a formidable source of inspiration from all points of view.