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      Hua Hin, Thailand

      Navigating between traditional fishing boats, with water heights much lower than announced and drifting nets: the navigation to Hua Hin was not always the easiest.

      Coming from: Pattaya, Thailand

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 6:00 PM

      Travelled distance: 60 nautical miles

      Hydrogen storage level:
      Arrivée d'Energy Observer à Hua Hin

      A traditional setting

      It was at the end of the day that our vessel reached its anchorage for the next two weeks in the Racer Marina of Hua Hin. This marina, which was abandoned for a while, has resumed its activities a few years ago and offers a landscape oscillating between nature and installations from another era.

      Numerous traditional fishing boats that return with full holds at dawn mark the navigation to this marina wedged between two hills and a temple that dominates the view.

      • Arrivée d'Energy Observer à Hua Hin
      • Arrivée d'Energy Observer à Hua Hin
      • Arrivée d'Energy Observer à Hua Hin

      The starting point of our audiovisual production

      It's in Hua Hin that our crew is back, after a few days of shooting in Bangkok. Katia Nicolet, Scientifique on board the vessel, tells us more about the rest of our program in Thailand.

      From the challenges of the country's energy transition to the preservation of biodiversity in the face of mass tourism, our Odyssey's favorite topics will not escape the viewfinder of our onboard reporter over the coming weeks.